Rajasthan - A Colour Story

Rajasthan - A Colour Story

By Roshni Verma.


The onset of monsoon brings with it gloomy undertones, foggy evenings, and skies filled with greys. But amid the monochrome nature and subdued glow lies the state of Rajasthan, with the most radiant colours peeking through like warm rays of sunshine. From lively blues and lush greens to statement-making pinks, the 'golden' denoting its rich history and jolly yellow tones; dull moments are unknown here. 

At the heart of it are India's most celebrated art & craft forms, with the makers exuding similar energy. The textile prints are known to breathe new life into the wearer's style, and the stunning embroidery techniques will make you stop & stare.

Royal in their appeal yet grounded in nature, the arts of this state are gifts that keep giving. One look at the colour-splashed leheriya and you'll know what we're talking about, or a single glance at the block printed motifs will ensure you get hooked beyond measure. The age-old gota patti still stands tall as a classic among trends that come & go, and epitomises everlasting elegance. Shisha work also reflects the state's long-standing heritage. 

The Rajasthani picture is painted by its native dwellers, all with a story to tell. They are artisans who weave magic in a world that needs to be immersed in colour and strung together with joyfulness. How a state so culturally diverse, beautifully unifies in its limitless talent is beyond us. What we do know though, is that when it comes to Rajasthan, the sky shall always shine bright, with streets full of bustling energy that pulls you in, instantly.

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