Our Journey

“Our Ethos”

Over years of personal experiences we discovered that with the advent of fast fashion and bulk production. There was diminishing quality, lack of style and a loss of personal touch. And the one’s that had them all were not always very pocket friendly. While building “Maison Shefali”, we laid a strong foundation of uncompromising quality, design innovation and value for money.


“Being Slow”


“We are Slow”, “We are handmade” and “We are unique”

Each design at Maison is handcrafted by fair wage artisans from beginning to end. From dyeing, to printing, to each cut and sew it’s not just a garment it’s a labor of pure love and dedication. Due to its “handcrafted “element, each garment has a characteristic uniqueness of its own. The idea of handmade comes from the understanding that beauty comes from being loved. It is heartwarming to see how much love and affection our artists put while working on each garment. Each design is homage to all the artisans with whom we closely work, who too have a story to tell just like us.


"An Unusual Name"

A little trivia about the unusual naming. Maison pronounced as ( mɛzɔ̃) is the French word for “home” and Shefali is the founder’s name. Since the dream of this little girl brewed in a beautiful home in the heart of pink city- Jaipur, it is an essence of what really makes us.


"Claim to be rooted to tradition.  Why French?"


Before, fulfilling her dream of building the brand. Our founder was a French language mentor who closely associated her love for fashion with the culture and aesthetics of a country which has stood synonymous for fashion.  The finesse, the love for fashion and art was and has always remained common between both her home state (Rajasthan) and France. She wanted to keep a part of something which was very close to her heart to the new which was on its way.  With "Maison Shefali" it is the coming together of two loves.